Fairytale Prince for Genesis 3 Male(s)

Fairytale Prince for Genesis 3 Male(s)


Once upon a time... now you can tell your own tales with your renders.

This set is the perfect outfit for a fairytale prince. It includes pants, shirt, jabot, sash, coat and boots. The coat skirts are selectable and poseable so you can adjust it to many different poses.

The coat also includes adjustment morphs to fine-tune it to complex poses.

The textures feature velvet, lace and embroidery for a noble look in two different styles, for the hero prince and his evil rival. And since a prince sometimes needs to blend in with his subjects without being recognized, this set includes bonus textures to turn the noble prince into a humble workman. So you're all set for your next adventure!

The textures are available for 3Delight and Iray.

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