Fairy Haven


Fairy Haven is a full set that includes a Fairy House, trees, plants, terrain, paths, water pond and a basic version of Iray Worlds. You do not have to buy anything extra, each of the Fairy Haven images shown uses only whats available in this Fairy Haven package. However, if you own or buy the original Iray Worlds Skydome, Iray SkyDome Super PAK or Iray Worlds PLUS then you will have access to a lot more sky and ground textures and many extras, such as easy control over the suns position and intensity and color. Fairy Haven is designed so it can also be used with Iray Worlds Plus if you wish to.

Fairy Haven is not just a small scene, it gives you access to 35 different scene objects including Fragipani (Plumeria) trees, Golden palms, Pathways and much more, so you can build your own scenes and styles. Or you can use the 12 provided scenes as a basis and adjust them into custom scenes, these 9 provided scenes also include 3 captivating night scenes with starry skies and soft mood lighting as well,(See Images.

The final 3 scenes allow you to use the Daz Studio Iray sun and also the Sun dial for a different look. So you get the best of both worlds, a Skydome and Scene with inbuilt sun and the Scene with backdrop and using the Iray Physics Sun and Sundial. PLUS you can also easily set up different views by simply double clicking on one of the ten different camera views and also the 2 different render ratio settings. Fairy Haven is so easy to use, simply install and open Daz Studio, add a Fairy Haven scene and you are good to go.

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