Face Bruises Morphs for Genesis 3 & 8 Female(s)


Face Bruises Morphs for Genesis 3 & 8 Female(s) is a pack of morphs that works as an add-on for the "L.I.E. Face Bruises for Genesis 3 & Genesis 8". The morphs allow users to swell a character's face via a set of 53 morph dials which should correspond with 53 of 59 LIE presets from the base product.

Although this product can work on its own, we recommend the LIE presets to take full advantage of the morph's enhancements. If you already have it, use the dark skin presets to give an extra dose of 'ouch' to your character(s).

Use this pack to deform your character(s), showing the fight they were in. Whether because they love to fight or simply ventured into the wrong side of town, this morph pack in combination with the LIE bruises will help you tell the story!

Required Products: L.I.E. FACE BRUISES for Genesis 3 and 8

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