Exquisite Ornaments Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Exquisite Ornaments Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)


Exquisite Ornaments is a set of fantasy body decorations. Each piece is composed of several intertwined metal stripes making each of them unique and intricate. The style it's mostly elegantly Elvish in fashion, with some Celtic hints.

While having a strong character and uniqueness and looking amazingly feminine, elegant and beautiful all together, the versatility of this set is astounding. Each or more pieces can be mixed and match to create several different outfits and to enrich any character dress/outfit.

The set includes 11 independent pieces: a chest piece, metal and leather panties, arms, forearms, thighs and shins ornaments.

It also includes three beautiful PBR styles (Elegant, Romance and Royal) and six simple, shader-based styles (Bronze, Bronze and "Emerald", Gold, Gold and Purple, Platinum, Platinum and "Ruby"). We suggest to try and mix and match the various styles as this can add further customization to an outfit. Additionally the simple, shader-based styles can be easily used as a base to create your own metals and color combinations (Bronze, Gold and Platinum are based on PBR parameters). We also suggest trying AllenArt free Iray Jewelry shaders on the Ornaments for a seemingly infinite range of possibilities and combinations.

Exquisite Ornaments versatility is as vast as your creativity. Each piece can be used to add an elegant touch to any outfit. They can be mixed and matched as you want and you may find using them over and over and perhaps never using the whole set all together.

We have included 12 "styles", which are pieces combinations that range from the "bikini" only to only the outer limbs + the neck (Star style) so you can already get inspired and then find or create your own favourite combo.

We also included complete mat poses for all the styles (hierarchical materials), so that you can easily apply all the included styles with one click.

All pieces also feature "Adjustment" morphs, to enlarge and resize various parts so that they can more easily be used in combination with other clothing pieces or on top of them.

Aeon Soul wardrobe power: mix and match clothing pieces and styles with all the outfits you have to create unique characters. Aeon Soul clothes fit each other awesomely, since they all sport the same level of quality and detail as well as additional features such as dirt and/or damage!

Most details are rendered with Normal maps only, while Height maps are only used when necessary, to reduce the workload on any machine.

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