Everyday Feelings for Genesis 3 Female(s)


This package includes 30 custom expressions that cover a wide variety of everyday feelings and emotions.

Each expression is both a morph dial and a 1 click shape preset, you can use them as is OR you can mix and match the morph dials to create hundreds of custom expressions!

Included Expressions are as follows:

Annoyed, Befuddled, Confused, Daydreaming, Dreamy, Fear, Flirty, Forlorn, Gasp, Happy, Huh, Joy, Kiss Eyes Closed, Kiss Eyes Open, Let_Down, Lovingly, Plotting, Ponder, Pouty, Shocked, Sickly, Simple Smile, Sneaky, Sweetness, Tongue Out, Unnerved, Upset, Wicked, Wince, Worry.

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