Epic Skydomes – Ocean Mountain Sunset HDRI


The easiest and fastest way to create an epic scene in Iray: Use a skydome, and create the illusion of a ground plane under your object by utilizing its shadows. It’s the oldest trick in the book. But it can work remarkably well. And it renders blazingly fast---literally in seconds!

Say hello to the third installment of the “Epic Skydomes” HDRI environment series: Ocean Mountain Sunset - an exotic and beautiful ocean environment enclosed by a surreal mountainous terrain. This 360* skydome can serve multiple purposes, depending on where you turn your camera. Whether its the vast ocean water, the warm golden sunset, or the rolling mountains capped with beautiful cloud formations, this skydome has you covered.

Plus setup is simple. Just open the scene file, load your object and position the water disturbance prop and volumetric light box accordingly (you "position" your object by simply rotating camera as needed). Press render and in seconds, presto! Instant epic. (User Guide included).


- High Resolution HDRI image (8000x4000)

- Full Scene included (with sun lights, water disturbance prop, and volumetric light cube)

- Volumetric Light Cube included: Adds atmosphere to your object, and creates Godrays around object

- Water Ripple Prop included: Adds ripple effect to the water under your object

- User Guide included

- Designed in iRay (but skydome can be used with 3DL too)

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