Epic Props: Godrays & Volumetric Light for Iray


Welcome to the next generation of “Godrays” and Volumetric Light props!

Are you looking for more epic realism in your light rays? Tired of slow render times using traditional volumetric light? Need more customization and tweaking options? Dust particles? Light effects? Bloom? Bokeh? No problem. With these multipurpose light props, you not only get the appearance of true volumetric light, but you also get an array of customization options, not to mention speedier renders. Simply load the light props into your scene and position them wherever you want them, at a window, a doorway, or any light path to create instant Godrays. No light source required.

Included in this package are 8 different prop styles, each with their own set of presets and adjustments. You may either use the prepackaged presets, or alternatively, you may adjust each setting individually using the included single-channel presets (“xSettings”). Of course you may also tweak the settings directly in Iray if you would like. Enjoy!

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