Environment Blend Shader


Iray Shader

PBR Roughness/Metalness Workflow

2 Layer Blend with Full Texture Map Support

  • Albedo Map
  • Roughness Map
  • Metallicity Map
  • Normal Map
  • Opacity Map
  • Emissive Map
  • Displacement Map

Independent UV control for every layer.  

  • Tiling
  • Translation/Offset
  • Rotation

2 Mask Blending for maximum flexibility.  

  • Mask 1 allows you to specify areas of localized detailed such as the cracks or exposed surfaces you want to blend to.
  • Mask 2 allows you to specify a larger pattern with independent UV controls.
  • The combination of both masks gives you a unique fully controlled blend

Additional Discoloration Layer

  • Allows you to add directional grime without having to bake it into your texture.
  • Use the discoloration to further break up any repetition in your textures and add detail such as dripping water, paint or grunge.
  • Separate UV control allows you to adjust the discoloration independent of your textures.

Shader Usage

  • When creating your own scenes, use these shaders to create unique variation without creating multiple versions of a texture.
  • Tile small textures across large scenes by blending textures together to avoid repetition.
  • Change the look of products you own by adding additional layers without affecting the original textures.
  • Mix textures from multiple products together non-destructively.

Detailed User Guide

  • Detailed descriptions and guidelines for how to use the shader and the pbr workflow.

3 shaders are included.

  • 2 Layer Blend Shader + Discoloration
  • 1 Layer Blend Shader + Discoloration - For when you only need 1 set of textures but want to add some discoloration.
  • Simplified Shader - Simple PBR shader without extra features for when you just need 1 set of textures.

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