EJ Sunglasses Collection for Genesis 8 Female(s) and Male(s)


EJ Sunglasses Collection is a set of 6 different sunglasses for Genesis 8 Female(s) and Male(s) with many options:

  • 9 Full material presets for each one of the Sunglasses
  • Partial materials to hide the dollar, brows, or sides piece in the Dollar Sunglasses, or the peace sign in the Peace Sunglasses
  • A transparent material for the lenses to make them look like prescription glasses
  • 20 partial material presets for the color of the lenses, usable with any of the Sunglasses: 10 more opaque colors, and 10 light colors
  • 3 reflection presets: high reflection, medium reflection, and low reflection
  • Fits for Genesis 8 Female and Male figures: Alexandra 8, Charlotte 8, Monique 8, Olympia 8, Stephanie 8, Teen Josie 8, Victoria 8, Darius 8, Edward 8, Lucas 8, Michael 8, Owen 8
  • Adjustment morphs to adapt the Sunglasses to the face of your characters: set the height or wide of the nose, the depth of the eyes, the forehead, ears, or sides
  • Morphs to put them over the nose or over the head

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