EJ Faina For Genesis 8 Female

EJ Faina For Genesis 8 Female


EJ Faina includes a digitally sculpted head and face morph, a highly detailed skin, and a custom morph of extra body features like the folds of the knee bones and elbows, neck, and others.

She has varied casual and fantasy makeup, nails (that look great with her custom sculpted long nail morph), and lip options, so even with the same character, you can depict her in very different ways, to look like very different women.

You have 7 eye colors to choose, including one set of fantasy eyes with white irises. With them, you can adjust the eyes of the character to any female concept.

If you own the Anatomical Elements of Genesis 8 Female, EJ Faina includes two material presets for them, with or without body hair. If you don't, there is a custom morph that simulates them over Genesis 8 Female.

This product includes:

- Icons to apply/remove EJ Faina full character
- Icons to apply/remove EJ Faina Head
- Icons to apply/remove EJ Faina Body
- Icons to apply/remove EJ Faina Extra Body Features
- Icons to apply/remove Simulated Female Genitalia
- Full body material of great detail
- Icons to load Genesis 8 Female Anatomical materials with or without pubic hair
- Icons to apply/remove Long Nails
- Icons to apply/remove Nipples
- 7 Eye Colors: Olive, Light Green, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Gray,Blue-Brown, and White Iris Fantasy Eyes
- 7 Lip Colors: Rose, Dark Orange, Cerise, Amaranth Pink, Carmine, Dark, and Crimson
- 5 Casual Makeups: Aubergine, Dark Red, Green and Golden, Pink, Gray
- 2 Fantasy Makeups: Night Wish, Tree Jewel
- 7 Nail Colors: Rose, Cerise, Cordovan, Turquoise, Crimson, Black, and French Nails
- Icons to restore lips, nails, and makeups to natural skin

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