EJ Bellaluna And Moonchild Jewels

EJ Bellaluna And Moonchild Jewels


This product includes a character for Genesis 2 Female, EJ Bellaluna, and digitally sculpted Moonchild Jewels: necklace, earrings, and a star prop that can be placed anywhere in your scene.

Bellaluna is a character for Genesis 2 Female, with highly detailed skin and makeups, Moonchild options for face and body, and many options to customize her appearance: 10 eye colors, 11 makeups, 7 eyelashes colors, 8 lip colors, 7 hands and feet nails colors, and body painting. Includes custom sculpted morphs for her head, elven ears and anatomical elements.

Bellaluna also has beautiful body painting options as a Moonchild: arms and body painting that can be combined or used independently, for left arm, right arm, or both arms, and all torso, or in chest only, back only, side of the body only, or navel only, and of course an icon to apply all the body painting at once. She also has 4 fantasy Moonchild makeups: Dark Side Moonchild Mask, Bright Side Moonchild Mask, Crying Stars, and Moonchild Blue Myst.

You also get a jewelry pack: Moonchild Jewels. A beautiful necklace and two independent earrings for each ear, plus a star prop. The necklace and earrings can be used on any Genesis 2 Female(s) character because of its adjustment morphs, fine tuned dials, and they can also be morphed to achieve movement. You can swing the necklace and earrings, move them in all directions, simulate gravity or animate, using the movement morphs. The star is an independent figure that includes 2 icons to be set at navel height for easier placing, and another to oversize the star to human size. You can use the star to place it in the hands of your character, or make it big and let her embrace the star, for example. You also get a variety of materials to choose that for the necklace and the star are partials so you can mix and match them as you wish.

Required Products: Genesis 2 Female Body Morphs

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