EE Raft & Lagoon Addon


Who knows what lurks below the water surface? You will with EE Raft & Lagoon Addon, which features an additional Raft and turns the friendly lagoon into a dark, rainy place.

The new raft is a makeshift style, built from old oil barrels. Like the rafts from the main set, it comes with three color versions, blue, red, and black. The raft can also be loaded as a dry version for use with the main set, and the addon also includes a 'rain' version of the original raft.

The set includes two rain props, "faster rendering" (default) and "high quality" (higher density, more polys). An included denoise render setting for Iray to further help with render times (most promo renders were made with it).

Required Products: Easy Environments: Raft & Lagoon

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