Easy Snap BioHazard Waste Centre

Easy Snap BioHazard Waste Centre


Easy Snap BioHazard Waste Centre is a simple to use building construction set. It comes with 9 pieces all in the Ezsy Snap format. After watching the simple tutorial you will be up and designing your own sci fi sets. It's all drop and drag and fit together without thinking. There are 4 premade sets to get you started off.

All come with built in lighting. There are bends straight elevators rooms 2 stair types 4 and 3 way connectors. Plus 4 render preset to get the extra high quality render. It uses 8K texture maps so you will get great quality. This works perfect with the Genesis 8 BioHazard Suits. Start creating your own zombie apocalypse or resident evil sets now ! Be on the lookout for the BioHazard props expansion pack.

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