East Asian Women for Mei Lin 8


A female skin set with East Asian morphs. Morphs are a blend of Custom and DAZ morphs and include ten Heads, five Bodies and ten Characters. The product also includes additional custom morphs for eyes, checks, and eyelashes.

Skin textures come with three Faces. Each of the three Faces comes with three skin options: without blush, with blush, with Geisha rice powder applied. Changing the underlying face skin don't affect any make-up applied previously. That way you can easily try the same make-up on all of the face skins provided to see which looks better.

A Two Steps Make-up is introduced with this product. In the first step you apply a Mask (from several options available) to eyes and lips and in a second step, you apply Color to the mask. Several color presets are provided, but it is very easy for you to choose a different color from the Color Picker Window. You are also able to change the intensity of the make-up color. There are special presets to only remove make-up from eyes and lips without affecting the facial skin.

LIE layers to apply two Forehead Decorations are also included. LIE Forehead Decoration is removed when you reload one of the Face Skins provided.

LIE Forehead Decoration and the Two Step Decoration mask/colors can also be applied to other characters skin.

Notes: Names assigned to the characters do not have the intention to identify ethnicity.

Required Products: Genesis 8 Female Morphs, Mei Lin 8

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