DTG Studios Dylan for G3M

DTG Studios Dylan for G3M


Dylan’s face is a combination of a custom morph and Genesis 3 Male face morphs.

His body was sculpted by carefully tweaking DAZ’s Genesis 3 Male morphs which means better clothing compatibility. Dylan’s skin was created using photo resources and hand painting with bump, specularity and subsurface scattering maps specially engineered to bring out every realistic detail. He has 9 unique eye colors plus a cataract LIE for the left eye. You can choose for him to have a beard or not and there's a scar LIE for his face.

There's also a "sweaty" MAT. Merchant resources were used to create his skin and eyes, but none were used “as is”, so each one is unique to Dylan. I have included materials for use in 3Delight, but he really shines in Iray.


- INJ/REM poses for Dylan face & body
- INJ/REM nipples
- INJ/REM elf ears
- Beard and no beard MATs
- Elf MAT
- 9 eyecolors plus cataract LIE
- Facial scar LIE
- Full body and genital MATs
- Sweaty MAT (iRay only)

Requirements: Genesis 3 Male Morphs

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