Dromeda G8 – Character & Geo Shell Bodysuit


Dromeda G8 - Character & Geo Shell Bodysuit.


  • 1 Face Morph
  • 1 Custom Alien Head Morph
  • 1 Body Morph
  • 1 Full Mat apply
  • 11 Eye Color Options
  • 1 Alien Eye Option
  • 1 Longer Lash Option
  • 11 Lip Colors
  • 11 Make-ups
  • 5 dials included for the head morphs, alien head morph, body morphs, lash morph and full morphs.

IRAY mats only!

Geo Shell Outfit

  • 1 Dromeda Shell with 5 different material settings included - This option will load a Geo Shell for you.
  • Materials for the Body Jewels: Black, Blue, Gold, Pink Multi, Silver
  • Hide and Show poses to hide or reveal the 2 parts of the Body Jewels (face and body) are included as well

IRAY materials only!

Requirements: Genesis 8 Female Face and Body Morphs

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