Double-Sided Iray Fabric Shaders

Double-Sided Iray Fabric Shaders


Take your dForce fabrics to another level with this double-sided set of fabric shaders for Iray. Daz's dForce dynamics provide a beautiful, realistic drape to any fabric in your scene, but for most of these fabrics you are allowed only one material texture that shows up equally on both sides of the fabric.

Now you can have different textures on each side of your cloth to give an even more realistic feel to your renders. Best of all, the interior shaders can be applied to almost any premade materials you already have for your favorite clothes or fabrics. Simply apply an interior shader after applying your item's texture and see what a difference it makes (note: the interior shaders work best on textures that do not use metallic flakes or have opacity/transmap settings).

This mega-sized set of fabric shaders includes everything from rich textures like fur and iridescent mermaid styles to everyday linens and patterns. Indulge in the variety. Large texture maps are included to accommodate most UV maps without difficulty; however, separate tiling for exterior and interior textures is also included for your convenience.

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