Donna Fatale

Donna Fatale


Donna Fatale will steal your heart as well as your jewels.

She is the queen of burlesque and the classic beauty of the past who can turn men's heads with just a smile. She also great for pin-up art, romance, sci-fi and every adventure your mind can create.

She is made for Victoria 4 only. You don't need any extra morph pack because she is totally custom morphed with realistic soft shapes.

Her textures were created using high definition pictures of real skin in order to make her very realistic.

Included MAT files in both .pz2 and .mc6 versions.

In this package you'll find:

- INJ DonnaF
- REM DonnaF
- INJ Eyefix
- REM Eyefix
- MAT Base
- MAT Body No Hair
- MAT Body No Hair SSS
- MAT Body With Hair
- MAT Body With Hair SSS
- 5 MAT Eyes
- 5 MAT Eyes SSS
- 9 MAT Face
- 9 MAT Face SSS
- 7 MAT Lips
- 7 MAT Lips SSS
- 4 MAT Nails Colors

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