Domino HD for Genesis 3 & 8 Female


Some of the features of Domino:

  • Sisters! Twins! They have similar looking morphs but not identical. Fantasy strong inspired bodies.
  • Extra morphs for breasts and buttocks for creating a curvier look. Create more cleavage, breast or buttocks size.
  • 16 total full makeup/nails/lipstick presets including 4 full face fantasy inspired makeups
  • The fibermesh brows are designed to blend with the default brows textures. I recommend that you do as I do, use them in combination with the base texture for the best look. There a 10 eyebrow colors to play around.
  • For Genesis 3 Female OR Genesis 8 Female
  • Dirty Skin through LIE, so she can look battle worn or just unbathed.

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