Domina – Character and Outfit Bundle


Domina: a title given to a woman of rank. Could it be that she has the trappings of a potent femme fatale? Then again, perhaps she is but a mere noble with less fatalistic inclinations. Whichever role she undertakes, her intention is to be convincingly lifelike and markedly distinguished by her well-proportioned features. Her skin is a balance of delicate and detailed, with a fairness that remains consistent from the crevice to the sheath. Despite the vagueness of her identity, she is certain to metamorphosize into the choicest colors in your canvas.

Domina - Outfit for Genesis 2 Female(s):

Inspired by the industrial anachronism that is Steampunk, this six piece ensemble derives its design from the chronologically mismatched fashion of the genre.

Each piece is highly-detailed with folds and creases. The topology of each mesh is optimized to mimic the flow of cloth.

Texture sets are heavily detailed down to the last thread. Creases and folds are further defined with the use of depth maps.

Future reusability and flexibility was kept in mind. The Figures may be used together, by piece, or in combination with a myriad of available Style Morphs to produce alternative illustrations.

Additional clothing elements are mapped onto the mesh to ensure maximum pose-abilty. Morphs and Pose Handles in the Skirt provide further control over figure collisions.

Figure shape enhanced to fit Victoria 6, Stephanie 6, The Girl 6, Gia and Olympia.
Reality 2.0 render-ready. A brief tutorial in applying the provided Reality 2.0 compatible Material Set is included.

Complete with material-enhancing Light Sets for DAZ Studio.

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