Dolly Changeable Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Dolly Changeable Hair for Genesis 8 Female(s)


Dolly Changeable Hair is a beautiful, ultra realistic hairstyle(s) with natural movement and gorgeous shine. Why settle for one style when you can create so many looks! Wear it as a simple ponytail, very long or short, add the extra tail for more volume and movement. Or wear it as an up-do with pose-able bun figure. Easy to load as separates or one click pre-set styles. The bun, hair and add-on ponytail have an articulate rig for easy posing, with ERC control dials that make it effortless to create the perfect render.

Dolly Changeable Hair sports custom shaders for a soft, natural, silky effect that interacts with your lighting. You can olor them separately for added drama. The hair, bun and add-on tail have been carefully constructed to conform with most custom characters without awkward bend and breaks. The tie contain 4 material zones that can be colored with the included shaders for a custom look. There are 2 fits to accommodate hats as well as an adjustment for elf ears.

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