Doctor’s Lab Coat for Gen 3 & Gen 8 Females

Doctor's Lab Coat for Gen 3 & Gen 8 Females


RP Lab Coat is a medical style lab coat for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8. It includes two textures, one plain white, and one bloody and torn just in case your medical professionals fall victim to a zombie apocalypse or is just having a really bad day.

This pack includes, for both G3 and G8, the following:

- Lab Coat (.duf)
- Iray Material Settings for each (Iray)
- 1 Foot Pose Preset

This lab coat has many adjustment and movement morphs included, and the bottom half contains six custom bones for posing, adjusting, etc.:

Coat Front Left
Coat Front Right
Coat Back Left
Coat Back Right
Coat Left
Coat Right

The material presets include shaders optimized for the Iray Render Engine only.

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