DG Iray Surface Builder – Leather Suede Velvet – Shaders and Merchant Resource

DG Iray Surface Builder - Leather Suede Velvet - Shaders and Merchant Resource


Take control of your surfaces with DG Iray Surface Builder Shader Presets and Merchant Resource.

DG Iray Surface Builder takes a modular approach to customizing and creating very special fabrics. This set features leather, suedes, and velvets.

Step 00 – Full Surface Presets. There is a selection of everyday leathers, velvets, and suedes, set up and ready to go, along with a few with added embossing or etching.

Step 01 - Base Color. This partial surface presets set a color map in the base color, along with a coordinating, or contrasting, map in the backscatter color channel, and coordinating colors in the translucency and glossy colors.

Step 02 - Finishes. There are aged and dull leathers, normal sheen, high gloss and patent sheens, six suedes, and three velvet finishes. Use these with the base colors, or apply to existing textures to change it up.

Step 03 - Embellishments. This set features 30 patterns to simulate inset leather etching or overlay metallic embossing. All modifications are done in the top coat and normal maps. Apply right over an existing surface to add drama or details.

Step 04-Tile and utilities. There are a smattering of general tiling presets, some to tile only the embellishments, embellishments off, and reset the Iray base shader to default.

This set is also a merchant resource and can be used to texture commercial and free items, as long as the resulting textures are baked to a texture map. Full details are in the read me.

All of the partial surface presets are compatible with any other shader preset that uses the Iray Uber base shader.

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