DG Iray 200 Hair Color Shaders and Merchant Resource

DG Iray 200 Hair Color Shaders and Merchant Resource


You love your favorite hair materials and Iray shaders, but isn't it always great to have more color options? This is a set of 204 multi hued hair tiles that gives superb depth of color to your hair models. All tiles are unique and seamless, both horizontally and vertically. A simple hair surface shader is included as a quick start, or use the colors with your favorite hair materials or shader packages.

Texture maps are saved in the Base Color, Translucency and Glossy Color channels only. No surface settings will be affected. This makes these new colors completely compatible with other hair shader preset packs such as IDG Iray Hair Essentials Shaders, Colorwerks Hair Shaders for Iray, and all hair material and shader presets that user Uber Iray as a base shader.

Additionally all 204 color are saved in the Diffuse Overlay Color, Glossy Specular and Backscattering Color only. Any parameters not being utilized by the present hair material will be ignored. There are 16 Blend masks to further customize and blend the hair colors.

This is a merchant resource for hair material presets, commercial or free. See Read Me for details. Feel free to modify, overlay, color change, or distribute as is any of the textures in this package as part of your hair model materials presets. Not to be used to create texture resource packages or shader presets.

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