dForce Sig Suit for Genesis 8 Female

dForce Sig Suit for Genesis 8 Female


This wardrobe set for your Genesis 8 Female Models can be the perfect attire for all her partying needs or even for those days when she just wants to laze around doing nothing.

This set includes a Crop Top, Hot Pants, Thigh Highs, Sunglasses and three body piercings, and two separate material sets per clothing.

Included in this package:

- Sig Suit Belly Arc
- Sig Suit Crop Top
- Sig Suit Hot Pants
- Sig Suit Left Nipple Barbell
- Sig Suit Right Nipple Barbell
- Sig Suit Shades
- Sig Suit Thigh Highs
- !Full Sig Suit Piercings

- 2 Material Sets for the clothing pieces and the sunglasses.
- 4 Shader Sets for the piercings.

To be used with dForce.

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