dForce Roman Toga and Tunic for Genesis 3 Male and Genesis 8 Male

dForce Roman Toga and Tunic for Genesis 3 Male and Genesis 8 Male


The citizens of Imperial Rome declared their place in society by their dress, and the most public declaration of their status was the toga. Difficult to put on and nearly impossible to wear, it could only be worn by the upper classes. No member of the ruling class would consider appearing at a public function without it.

This outfit uses the dForce tool to give proper draping of the complex toga in multiple poses without resorting to individual morph adjustments. Several poses for G3 and G8 figures (standing, walking, and speaking) are provided. Also included are tunics alone for rendering both upper and lower class Romans in more informal situations. The Romans were a practical people, and only wore the toga if circumstances required it. Otherwise a simpler tunic was the order of the day, although color and decoration still served to make distinctions within the classes.


Fine white (patrician tunic is white, equestrian has the required stripe)
Fine white with purple border (senator, with senatorial stripe on the tunic)
Solid dark (for funerals)
Red trim for attendance at religious ceremonies

Fine white tunic, narrow equestrian stripe, and wide senatorial stripe with a woven fabric belt
Black dyed sandals for patrician and equestrian class, red dyed sandals for senatorial class

Plebian (Plebian class, non-Romans, and slaves)
Rough tunic in off-white, blue, brown and red with belt cords
Rough leather sandals

A simple subligar (loincoth) is also provided for under the tunic, if needed.

Poses for the toga
Two public oratory
Three standing
Two walking

Suggested starting settings for toga dForce simulation:

Collision mode: Best
Collision iterations: 6
Stabilization time: 1.5

The toga is dForce only, there are no separate morph options for adjusting the fit.

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