dForce The Red Bride for Genesis 8 Females

dForce The Red Bride for Genesis 8 Females


dForce The Red Bride for Genesis 8 Female(s) to be used with dForce.

This contemporary battle set for the Genesis 8 Female consist of 7 pieces: a low-neckline, halter back wedding gown, a lacy skirt, lacy sleeves, lacy beach wedding sandals, a bridal veil, a katana and a VeilReceiver dummy for dForce collision.

The gown, veil, skirt, sleeves, katana and VeilReceiver are all either fully dForce enabled (all but for the katana) or partially enabled (the trailing wraps on the katana) where applicable.

Altogether, there are more than 45 separate shaping and fitting morphs for the 7 pieces.

Included in this package:

- Red Bride Gown
- Red Bride Sandals
- Red Bride Skirt
- Red Bride Sleeves
- Red Bride Veil
- Red Bride VeilReceiver
- Widowmaker

- All visible set pieces come with 4 materials: The Red Bride, Blac Vidow, KRMSN and Frost sets.

- There are 4 material variations for the katana: Widowmaker, The Red Wish, Kurenai and Riverwind.

- 4 Material variations for all the active pieces (the VeilReceiver is a dummy model with Visible/Invisible texture).

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