dforce Order of the Huntress: The Priestess G8F


Continuing the feature set outline of the series, this kit features a full clothing compliment (cloak, underlying garment, sandals, sleeves, bracers and mask), all uniquely designed to evoke the mystery and majesty of a priestess of some long forgotten, primal order; a special geo shell overlay adding primitive mud body and face paint, as well as a second geo-shell adding the stag-like ceremonial facial scarification onto literally any existing Genesis 8 Female character, and props including her spine chains and spine whip accents made from strung together vertebrae.

A special version of the character's garment is included with spine chains hanging from about her hip, while the spine whi weapon ends in a frightening ceremonial blade.

Many dials have been included to also work as conforming although some poses may require dForce.

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