dForce Longdrape Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)

dForce Longdrape Hair for Genesis 3 and 8 Female(s)


Longdrape Hair is a revolutionary hair using Daz’s latest dForce Hair technology to give a highly realistic and versatile drapable long hair style. This means that every hair strand is generated and rendered as a separate 3D object, giving this hair an unprecedented realism.

Using the hair is very simple; select your figure (it works with both Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 8 Female) and load it as usual. The hair comprises three elements; a skull cap, the hair itself and a face shield which helps shape the hair and prevent it falling across the face. Select the hair and choose a pre-drape preset shape, which will determine the starting position of how the hair will drape. Then pose your figure and hit the simulate button – if you are familiar with dForce clothing then you will feel right at home.

Once the hair has been simulated there are lots of options, including 25 realistic hair colors all of which feature a blend of shades to give a highly realistic effect. All colors have the shine set appropriately, but there are 4 shine presets which you can use depending on your scene lighting and preference. dForce Hair comes with a huge list of parameters and I have included convenient presets for all major aspects, including changing the length, fluffiness, frizz, waves and more. Note this is done after the drape so you can easily test various length and style options without the need to re-run the simulation. I have also included the option to auto-generate stray hairs by clever application of the available parameters, which gives a most realistic effect.

With its timeless styling and the versatility and realism of dForce Hair, Longdrape Hair is sure to bring a touch of realism and magic to your renders.

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