dForce Little Red Dress for Genesis 8 Female(s)

dForce Little Red Dress for Genesis 8 Female(s)


Bored of the usual little black dress? Get a red one instead! This clothing set features an elegant knee-length shift dress and a bolero jacket with decorative elements. The classic style will fit many occasions, from high-society cocktail parties to business meetings. Whenever you need a formal outfit for your renders, this set will fit the bill.

The set features dForce support and loads ready for simulation. If you don't want to use dForce, you can use the 18 poseable areas to adjust the skirt to the figure's pose.

If you want to use dForce all you need to do is set up your scene, hit the Simulate button and watch it drape. If you'd like to tweak the skirt further, the poseable sections can be adjusted also after running the simulation.

The set comes with four textures in different shades of red, with extra presets for the decorations.

Note: Shoes are not included!

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