dForce Fantasy Gowns for G3F and G8F

dForce Fantasy Gowns for G3F and G8F


Four simple fantasy themed light gowns, loosely modeled on the simple outfits common in fantasy images and literature. These could also work for historical themed renders from Bronze Age through Roman times, as long as you're not aiming for strict historical accuracy.


- Four gowns, two ankle length and two very short. Each gown comes in solid skirt and slit-to-the-hip versions. The short gown is slit on both sides.
- Optional panty
- Optional waist sash
- Optional bronze chain belt
- Four textures: white, gold, a subdued vertical zig zag, and a colorful dyed version. Matching textures for the sash and panty.

All the gowns are set up with basic dForce settings, but tweaking may be needed.

Textures are designed for iRay but will also render with 3Delight.

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