dForce Dragon Wraith Skeleton and Accessories

dForce Dragon Wraith Skeleton and Accessories


A fully articulated dragon skeleton figure with accessories like dForce compliant wing membranes plus jewelry.

The Dragon Wraith is a fully articulated brand new original figure for DAZ Studio! Built from scratch it was created with a selection of accessories. Among them, you will find dForce compliant wing and tail membranes plus draping ornamental ribbons.

Among the accessories are also geografting horns and jewelry add-on for the head.

You can also turn the dragon skeleton into that of a Wyvern! A simple one-click option hides the front legs and scapulae - and gives you even more flexibility for this beast.

Completing the DragonWraith we included four full texture sets created by ForbiddenWhispers. They come with a palette of options for membranes and accessories.

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