dForce Ancient Musician for Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 8 Female

dForce Ancient Musician for Genesis 3 Female and Genesis 8 Female


Ancient times weren't all battles and war, people also enjoyed music and dancing. These outfits can be used to add female musicians and dancers to your fantasy or historical renders, from the early Bronze age through to Roman times. Where possible, the outfits, instruments, and dance poses have been modeled from depictions on temple walls and pottery. Ancient sensibilities were different from modern, so adult content tags will be needed for renders using these outfits.

These outfits use dForce for fitting, no other conforming morphs are included, except for a generic Expand All option. To give best results with sitting poses, self-collision on the dress meshes is turned off. If this causes pokethrough problems with other poses, try turning it back on.


- Simple wrap dress similar to egyptian designs in three colors

- Early type chiton, a simple fabric wrap pinned at the shoulders, tied around the waist and open down the right side. Four patterms and a plain light weave.

- Egyptian style dancer/slave costume consisting of a woven belt and a shoulder mantle.

- A simple head drape/veil that can be dForce draped over most hairs, in three patterns.

- Beaded anklets and bracelets, in colored stone, and precious metal.

- Three instruments, dual pipes, lute, and lyre with poses. Poses are for musicians seated playing each instrument, and upper body only for pairing with standing or walking poses. Also smart props for each instrument to properly place it in the hands of the musician.

- Six dance poses, two mirrored for a total of eight. The dance poses can be combined with the upper body instrument poses to make dancing musicians.

In most cases these should simulate using the default simulation settings.

For best results, simulate the hair/veil combination separately from the dress/body. They can be done at the same time if the hair is short enough that it makes no contact with the dress...even very slight contact risks blowing up the mesh.

For any dForce simulation, look carefully at the pose before applying the clothing item. If the pose position orients parts of the figure so body parts intersect ( sharp leg bend that pushes the upper thigh through the hip, for example) attempting to simulate will usually explode, since this orientation requires two surfaces to occupy the same physical space. Hopefully this will be more forgiving in future versions, but for now, it's something that has to be taken into account.

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