Deep Wounds for G3F

Deep Wounds for G3F


Deep Wounds for Genesis 3 Female(s).


- 1 Complet preloaded wearable to load simultaneous: customs morphs/zombie character/skeleton/pose/various items for G3F
- 1 INJ/REM zombie (head and body) custom morph for G3F
- 2 materials preset for G3F (Iray only) skin with blood and skin without blood
- 8 wearables decaying for G3F: abdomen/back/left leg/right leg/chest/face/left arm/right arm (load simultaneous: custom morphs/textures and conforming figures).
- 1 Conforming figure skeleton for G3F fully textured and boned.
- 10 Zombies poses for G3F
- 78 Textures maps 4096x4096 (normal, bump, trans, diffuses)

1. Load Genesis 3 and select it
2. Go to People > Genesis 3 Female > DeepWoundsG3F
3. Load the wearable item named "CompletePreloaded" by double-clicking.

Subfolders contents:

- G3Fposes: 10 zombies poses for G3F, select G3F in first.
- G3F zombie: in this folder, mats poses to applied to G3F the custom body and face morph and the skin material set (with blood or without blood) select G3F in first.
- SeparateDecaying: Load G3F base or your favorite character and experiment by including only the items you want.

Morphs and figures will apply automatically. Always select G3F before applying the elements.

Note: 3Delight materials are not included, only Iray materials.

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