Deep Underground Command Center


DUCC, an old deep mine taken over by an unknown group and used for their "Deep Underground Command Center". It could be a government agency, perhaps a special ops unit, a group of hackers, a hero's liar or perhaps occupied by a group of preppers?

Aside from the room, this set is packed with great props! Literally everything you see in all the promos, not including figures, clothing and weapons, is included. Yes, all promo scenes were lit with the set's fully functional lights.

Texturing was done where the base level for most items is at a medium grey. This allows you to lighten, darken and even set your own colors on most items. The monitor screen image UV is set to full coverage. Just drop your own image in without any worries to size and fit. Want  your images to match the rest? Just save it as a B&W image.

Ready to render!

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