Deep Hairline for Genesis 3

Deep Hairline for Genesis 3


A deep hairline; sometimes what might be perceived as a flaw is a big sign of character. That's what this hairdo will do to your renderings. Impart uniqueness and personality to your figure with this Deep Hairline Hairstyles for Genesis 3.

A thinker, a villain, an intellectual, an older character, an intense person, a vampire or an alien. Sculpted using Z-Brush Fibermesh with ultra thin fibers, the look of this hair is much more realistic than most fibermesh hairdos. The thinner your fibers in Z-Brush the most difficult it is to style and transfer to other software. That's why most fibermesh hairs trade up thicker fibers for easier grooming and end up looking like wires or spaghetti.

Deep Hairline Hairstyle has been painstakingly groomed and morphed with super thin fibers so your character can look its best. The hair also includes several other cropped, mohawk and gelled styles. I also provide 16 scalp movement morphs to provide for a total control of the fibers visibility and adaptability to different characters and 28 FHM for compatibility with mostly all Daz Genesis 3 Male and Female characters.

This hair Iray mat presets use Mec4D excellent Iray Hair Shaders (with Mec4D permission) which takes advantage of light conditions without the need of texture maps for the most realistic look and pairs it with their Unshaven 2 facial hair system for a perfect match in color of scalp and facial hair.

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