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Unlock the power of the Sun and Sky render mode of Iray with this collection of presets. The Sun and Sky mode of Iray, while sometimes overlooked, is capable of producing highly realistic and striking outdoor and architectural renders. Sun and Sky render Mode allows setting for any time of year, specific global location, environmental conditions creating beautiful real world light conditions based on real world data and light simulation.

This set demystifies the built in settings and simplifies them to easy apply 1 click settings for a faster workflow with more direct results in preparing your scene for render.

Included in the set are:

1 pre-configured Base Render preset for Sun and Sky Mode.

55 Latitude longitude real world locations to easily set the lighting conditions to simulate places like Cairo, New York, Sydney or even Loch Ness in Scotland.

A collection of general Latitude-Longitude settings for approximate locations. Use these locators to give a general global location for your render. Select first a latitude Line then a longitude line for a coordinate setting.

14 Time of day presets from Early morning through the day to evening settings. Use these presets to give a sunset or sunrise shot or a particular time of day such as Noon.

12 Month by month time of year settings to easily change the season or emulate specific seasonal lighting conditions.

9 Haze and Tint Presets. Environmental controls to add some atmospherics, including Haze and color shift settings.

3 Bloom Filter Presets. Great for those distant city shots at sunset to blow out the light flare.

4 Exposure Presets. Bring out the details in the shade of a summers day with a higher exposure setting.

1 North Facing Camera. This camera makes it a little easier to find that setting sun in your scene by giving it a set to face North bearing.

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