DA Horse and Rider Pose Set


They say to ride a horse is to ride the sky.

DA Horse and Rider Pose set is a carefully crafted set of poses for Genesis 3 Male/Female and Horse 2.

Included are 14 one click Hierarchical Poses which hold pose information for Horse 2, Genesis Male/Female, Mane L & R and the Tail prop. Each pose includes specific poses for Genesis Males and Females to complement the base Horse 2 Pose.

Also included are 14 Horse 2 Poses and 12 Poses each for Genesis 3 Male and Female for quick mixing and matching. Y Adjustment poses for major characters are included to easily fit the horse riding poses to most character shapes.

Hierarchical Poses require Genesis 3 to be parented to Horse 2 Abdomen, Tail and mane Parent to the Horse 2.

Required Products:  DAZ Horse 2

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