DA Emissive Softbox Light Set


Creating striking images with quality Iray lighting is easy with DA Emissive Softbox Light set and presets for Daz Studio Iray.

Simply apply a Sun and Sky Iray Render Preset(Which provides most of the background lighting for your scene) and then load and positon the DA Softbox emitter light using the camera controls to focus on your model subject. The DA Softbox emitter light uses an emitting mesh surface to generate light into the scene and is compatible with all Iray render modes.

The DA Soft box emitter light is directly editable by either changing its size, shape, or proximity to the subject model or by editing the surface attributes either directly or through the included material presets.

To use the material presets with the light make sure you have the light selected in the scene tab and not the parent camera. Each Emissive Softbox light has a built in reflector/deflector and acts to bring out specularity and reflections in the target model.

The DA Softbox emitter combined with Sun and Sky Iray presets is easily editable to fit almost any scene and provides a streamlined workflow to light both your background scene and provide focus, contrast or highlight the hero/heroine of your render.

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