DA Blue Bell Woods


To this day the Blue Bell is considered a Faerie flower protected by both the laws of man and the laws of the Faerie kingdom. It's said that ringing a Blue Bell will summon the Faerie Folk and picking Blue Bells can lead to being lost forever in the Faerie realm.

DA Blue Bell Woods consists of numerous Birch Tree & Blue Bell Flower props, including a high and low geometry version of most individual props. Also included are two complete ready to render scenes with custom configured group props and instance sets. Within the complete scenes the geometry set is surrounded by a high resolution environment dome in both a day and night time version to create a large detailed scene without the overhead of all that extra background geometry in your scene.

This set is for Iray use only due to the dome settings, and all props will work with other render engines with some adjustment. The complete scenes use some instancing to populate some prop groups throughout the scene.

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