CruX Vamp G3F


he CruX series continues with the Vamp! These hot, sexy pieces are perfect with all the other pieces in the CruX and also the NyX line.

The Vamp halter top is sexy, curve hugging, and works really well with the more “blessed” ladies. Add the leather shorts and you’ve got an amazing look for all your kittens.

Included in this package

  • CruX Vamp Halter (.duf)
  • CruX Vamp Shorts (.duf)
  • 3 Halter material options
  • 2 Shorts material options

CruX Vamp has been smoothed and perfected to fit very well with all the popular G3 morphs, and both pieces include many adjustment and movement morphs for your convenience in fitting and posing.

The material presets include shaders optimized for the Iray Render Engine.

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