CruX Caged Maiden with dForce

CruX Caged Maiden with dForce


Caged Maiden is another CruX-filled clothing package to take your sexy, gothic fantasies to new levels! Mix and match these pieces easily with so many other pieces from the CruX and NyX lines, for some amazing looks.

The Caged Maiden lower skirt is completely dforce only and will not perform well without it. The bra and thong are conforming.

Each piece contains adjustment morphs and movement morphs where appropriate, particularly in the lower skirt.


- CruX Caged Maiden Bra
- CruX Caged Maiden Skirt
- CruX Caged Maiden Thong
- 6 Bra Panel Textures
- 6 Long Skirt Textures
- Hide/Show Bra Panels
- Hide/Show Skirt
- 4 Skirt dForce Drape Settings
- Sim Floor

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