CruX AXcessorize

CruX AXcessorize


CruX AXcessorize is really cool extension of the CruX Line for  Genesis 3 Female(s). The new one is packed full of cool pieces to mix and match with the other CruX packs, NyX packs, or anything you like. It's got leather, studs, skulls, chains, crosses ... you name it. It's a very versatile pack of accessories for all your goth/punk looks, you really need this one!!

This one began with the neckchain, which is very cool piece... three different style chains with goth charms hanging. The base chains were carefully rigged with custom jcm's to be sure it will move properly in all your poses. Each of the three cross charms have their own bones, so they can be selected and adjusted as needed, plus there are lots of morphs for the entire piece. The necklace was modeled to wear directly on the skin, however, I have included morphs to adjust it when wearing over tops and clothing.

The charms on each earring have their own bones in order to bend, twist or move side to side with your poses.

Each of the finger talons loads with their own textures, but there's few extra... one with no rips and one that is smooth and shiny in lieu of the default texture.

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