Crime Scene Analysis: Ultimate Bundle

Crime Scene Analysis: Ultimate Bundle


Crime Scene Analysis: Ultimate Bundle will allow you to find everything you need to turn all your environments into perfect scenes of crime.

First "Crime Scene Analysis : Al Dhesive" is a posable and morphable standalone figure for all your crime scene body silhouettes - which can be customized using tape morphs, Full Body Morphs, and adjustment of all tape tips length separately.

Then the "Crime Scene Analysis : Mask and Gloves" is a set of gloves and mask for M4 and Genesis, coming with two material presets and including additional morphs in order to shape and adjust them the way you want. The M4 version is super-conforming and includes most of M4 morphs. The Genesis version also comes with the Poser Companion Files.

Finally the "Crime Scene Analysis : Accessories" is a set of more than twenty high quality props which are usually found on Scenes of Crime. You will find bullets, bloodstains, a butt, an evidence bag, tweezers, tweezers holding a butt or a bullet, a swab to collect blood or saliva, a fingerprint, a fingerprint brush, a flashlight without or with a fake (DAZ) or real (Poser) volumetric light, a police line - standalone or with one or two poles to hold it, as well as a square of four police lines on poles, and of course, evidence marker numbers. Many Morphs and Material Options are available for almost all of these props in order to customize your scene of Crime as you wish.

All this Content is compatible with Poser, DAZ Studio 3, DAZ 4 Studio and above.

Required Products: M4 Ultimate Military Basic, Genesis Ultimate Military Basic

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