Country Fresh for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females

Country Fresh for Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females


Country Fresh is a cute, sexy, hot outfit for all your sweet country Genesis 3 or Genesis 8 Female(s). It has all the southern, down-home charm you need for a good time down on the farm.

This pack includes a pair of rolled-up jean shorts with leather belt/buckle, with texture options for a more revealing look, a tank top, cowgirl boots, straw cowgirl hat, and bandana necktie.

Included in this package:

- Country Fresh Jean Shorts (.duf)
- Country Fresh Tank Top
- Country Fresh Boots
- Country Fresh Hat
- Country Fresh Bandana Necktie
- 3 Material Presets for Shorts
- 6 Material Presets for Tank Top (Iray)
- 2 Material Presets for Bandana Necktie
- 2 Material Presets for Hat
- Option to hide shorts belt

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