Conversations Animation Collection – Victoria 8


Daz3D Genesis 8 Female - Conversations Animation Collection - Victoria 8.

INCLUDING: Low Key, Upbeat, Animated, Very Animated, Argument 1 and 2, Sad, Directions, Gestures to Side and Up, Big Idea and Listening.


  • 30 Pose Preset Animations
  • Fingers are animated expressively.
  • Full length extended source animations with continuous variations.
  • Looped shorter versions.
  • Directional animations have multiple looped versions, one for each direction.
  • 12 basic Styles: Low Key, Upbeat, Animated, Very Animated, Argument 1, Argument 2, Sad, Directions Left/Right, Gesturing to Side Left/Right, Big Idea, Listening, Gesturing Up Left/Right/Center

NOTE: These animations are a customized fit for Victoria 8. They will work and look good on other Genesis 8 Females in many cases with little or no user adjustments. Please experiment at your own discretion.

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