Contemporary Buildings Hyper Kit

Contemporary Buildings Hyper Kit


A kit containing:

- Buildings, Modular Streets, Props, Buildings Materials, Urban Materials.
- 3 Main Sets that were built from the just mentioned Props and Materials so anyone can build their personal Main sets.
- Also included are 20 Ready to Render Scenes.


- Does not include Skies HDRI's, Trees, Grass, Cars and Characters.
- Some scenes do have post work. Most of the Skies were added in post work, they were rendered with HDRI in alpha without the sky.
- 3Delight only contains the base materials the bulk materials are for Iray.
- The Iray ready to render scenes do include trees and grass, but it is necessary to have the respective product(s) installed.
- The required products are only necessary to open the scenes without errors. For the rest of the kit they are not necessary.

Required Products: Poplar Trees Collection, Hybrid Trees Collection, HDRI Sunset Clean Skies, HDRI Dawn Clean Skies, Nerium Oleander, HDRI Cloudy Skies II, HDRI Cloudy Skies III, Wild Grass Hyper Kit

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