ColorWerks Hair Shaders for Iray

ColorWerks Hair Shaders for Iray


ColorWerks is the latest set of universal hair textures, shaders, and utilities from SloshWerks.

ColorWerks takes advantage of newer features of the Iray Uber Shader, such as Diffuse Overlay and Dual Lobe Specularity, and does not use Layered Image Editor or a custom shader that increases render time.

ColorWerks is a huge collection of 340 base colors covering the spectrum from natural blondes, brunettes, gingers, and grays/blacks/white, as well as 164 fantasy colors and an additional 75 "special blends" consisting of hand-blended color combinations ready to be used as is. That is a total of 579 Base Colors! Each color is different, some dramatically, some more subtle, which can be used on multiple material zones to create rich, deep, vibrant hair color looks for your renders.

Additionally, ColorWerksincludes 504 Overlay Colors to be blended over the Base Colors using a collection of 22 preset masks. Masks can be tiled and offset along the length of the hair to place the colored overlays more precisely where you want them. The combination of base colors, masks, and overlays makes millions of possible color combinations.

Best of all, ColorWerks has a luster and shine that reacts naturally in all lighting conditions. But, for those who want more control, eight shine presets allow you to increase or decrease the shine to suit your scene.

Finally, a bonus plush toy is included. "Mokie" the cat. He comes complete with eight texture options as well as matching "manes and mohawks" and eight eye colors. His eyes move and of course, his mane can use any of ColorWerks shaders.

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