Cocos Frios

Cocos Frios


Let me introduce you to my favorite, family-owned coconut cart on the island. This cart is parked daily at the beach's white sand. This practical tricycle serves about 40 coconuts every day to the parched tourists, who have spent a little too much time on the beach, or to the passerby’s that just want to try this tropical treat.

Coconuts, cherished for their vitamin-packed water and nutritious meat, have long been a staple in tropical locations. Picked from the coconut palm tree, these fresh young, green coconuts offer a sweet, nutty and satisfying taste.

30 elements make up this set, the wheels, the pedal, the pedal are rotatable and the accessory parts are independent. The icebox opens, the straws, the machete, the board, and the funnel are independent.

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