Character Converter from Genesis 8 Male to Genesis 3 Male


Convert your favorite Genesis 8 Male characters to Genesis 3 Male characters! The Character Converter from Genesis 8 Male to Genesis 3 Male transfers the morphs, including JCMs, from the awesome Genesis 8 characters to Genesis 3. The Character Converter scripts provide easy batch execution for automatically converting your Genesis 8 Male Character to a Genesis 3 Male Character in your library. Even better, icons, categories, and the default materials are copied from your original Genesis 8 Male to the new Genesis 3 Male.

The Character Converter scripts outputs are also a merchant resource! If you own the original Genesis 8 morphs, you retain the rights to the converted Genesis 3 morphs to do as you wish.

The Character Converter script is extremely simple to use. Just select the characters to convert and click execute! There is also a Convert Custom Character script which will copy a Genesis 8 Female character in the scene, with all currently used morphs and corrective morphs, to a Genesis 3 Female character (no character preset is created and no materials are copied).

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